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Applications open for MEI studentships
22 May 2017

The Mile End Institute is offering three bursaries for students from East London from the Schools of History and Politics & IR for the academic year 2017-2018.

Tories do not represent black and minority voters, according to London-based focus group
13 May 2017

Black and ethnic minority voters say the Conservative party are only for “rich, white people”, according to a London-based focus group from QMUL’s Mile End Institute, HuffPost UK, and Edelman.

Constitutional experts criticise government’s review of English Votes for English Laws
5 April 2017

Constitutional experts from the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have criticised the government’s review of ‘English Votes for English Laws' (EVEL), published last week.

Report highlights how universities can enrich their neighbourhoods
4 April 2017

Universities can enrich their own neighbourhoods by developing long-term partnerships with community organisations, according to a new report by researchers at Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

Tories narrow gap on Labour in London while Lib Dems double support
31 March 2017

The Labour Party's support in London has declined by nine points in a year, according to polling commissioned by the Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

Just one in five Londoners think Britain will be better off after Brexit
30 March 2017

Londoners are gloomy about the prospects for post-Brexit Britain and 48 per cent expect the country to be economically worse off, according to polling commissioned by the Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

Jeremy Corbyn will close the gap on Theresa May within six months, says Diane Abbott
30 March 2017

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott MP has said that people should judge Jeremy Corbyn in six months, by which time she expects Labour’s poor poll ratings to have improved.

Nick Clegg and Philip Cowley Germans were ready to offer Theresa May a deal on freedom of movement, says Nick Clegg
30 January 2017

Angela Merkel was ready to offer Theresa May a post-referendum deal on freedom of movement in exchange for a UK commitment to the single market, said Nick Clegg at the Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University of London.

Yvette Cooper with Philip Cowley MPs must respect the referendum result – even if it leads to hard Brexit, says Yvette Cooper
23 January 2017

Labour MPs should respect the result of the EU referendum even if the outcome is a hard Brexit, according to Yvette Cooper, MP for Pontefract and Castleford. She was speaking at the Mile End Institute, Queen Mary University of London (QMUL)

The Future of Socialism sixty years on
11 January 2017

Anthony Crosland’s The Future of Socialism still offers the left a compelling account of equality and liberty, says Simon Griffiths, but lacks a convincing account of how we achieve those values without economic growth.

Anthony Crosland: the future of social democracy?
9 January 2017

Following our conference on the Crosland Legacy, Professor Steven Fielding considers how Anthony Crosland's ideas could influence current Labour thinking.

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