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The Mile End Institute connects research, policy-making and public debate to deepen and challenge the understanding of British politics, governance and public policy.

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The Hennessy Lecture 2017: Neil Kinnock in Conversation with Peter Hennessy 

Each year, the Mile End Institute invites a distinguished politician to reflect on the issues of the day in honour of our patron, Peter Hennessy. This year, Lord Hennessy will be in conversation with former Labour leader Neil Kinnock.

The lecture will take place on Tuesday, 3 October at 7 p.m. at Queen Mary University of London. 

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News and Opinion

Helen McCarthy, author of ‘Women of the World, The Rise of the Female Diplomat’: Exclusive Interview

30 August 2017

Women weren’t permitted to become UK diplomats until 1946, and until 1973 they had to quit if they got married. Liz Heron interviews Helen McCarthy, an expert on the struggle for gender equality in this most traditional and recalcitrant corner of government.

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